Permit™ is the #1 choice in North America for those who outsource the permit management process. Our primary clients include:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Retailer/Signage Professionals

These clients choose us for good reason — in 25+ years of managing nearly 200,000 permit projects, in over 10,000 municipalities, our success rate exceeds 99% for finalizing permitting requests correctly and on time. Below is an overview of our services, all which come with a 100% guarantee that the work we perform will be done right and on time.

What We Do
  • Turnkey permit process management – From building plan submittal to securing approval for required permits.
  • Types of permits handled by Permit™
    • Building Permit Services
    • ADA/Handicap Approvals
    • Air Quality Reports and Approvals
    • Alteration Permits
    • Asbestos Survey Reports
    • Building Code Summaries
    • Business Licenses
    • Conditional Use Permits
    • Demolition Permits
    • Due Diligence Reports
    • Easement Approval
    • Electrical Permits
    • Fence Permits
    • Fire Permits
    • Food Service and Health Permits
    • Historic Approvals
    • Landlord Approvals
    • Landmark Approvals
    • Low Voltage permits
    • Mechanical Permits
    • Notice of Commencement Filing
    • Notice of Completion Filing
    • Occupancy Permits
    • Plumbing Permits
    • Reimage Permits
    • Renovation Permits
    • Residential Permits
    • Restaurant Permits
    • Retail Permits
    • Sidewalk Permits
    • Sign Code Reports
    • Sign Permit Expediting
    • Solar Permits
    • Sprinkler Permits
    • Water & Sewer Approvals
    • Zoning Permits
  • Experts at permit issue resolution and expedited approvals
  • Specialists in retail/commercial construction and signage – U.S. and Canada
  • Unsurpassed 25 year quality record – Over 99% of projects completed error free and on time
  • Permit Delivery Guarantee – On time, with no mistakes
  • Re-Image, Surveys
  • Quick Quotes – Competitive Fee Guarantee
How We Work
  • Due Diligence – Proper investigation of permit process for your project type, in your municipality, to ensure we will deliver permits as promised
  • Redundant quality control measures for “Perfect Submittal”
  • Dedicated Project Manager – Superior service with ongoing communication to stay connected and professionally handle all your questions and project needs
  • Project Tracking – Access to online, real-time permit portal for efficient tracking and permit process completion
  • Complete Transparency – No hidden or bundled fees, all permitting costs are clearly itemized
Who We Are
  • #1 choice in the U.S. for those who outsource the permit management process
  • Family owned, U.S. company – founded over 25 years ago
  • National presence – local relationships – projects in over 10,000 municipalities
  • Highly competent – Nearly 200,000 permits project successfully completed as promised