Our Team

Vaun Podlogar

Vaun Podlogar

With a desire to help customers navigate and minimize the municipal red tape necessary to obtain permits, Vaun Podlogar realized he had to create a streamlined way to ensure businesses could get their permits on budget and on time. He founded Permit.com with the vision of becoming the nation’s leader in permit expediting while securing a passionate commitment to the highest level of customer service and integrity. Almost three decades later, Permit.com remains the #1 trusted source for expediting permits, performing code searches, and championing sign authorizations. Vaun’s daily goal? “To be the best of the best, and recognize the privilege of serving our clients.”

Bill Hellman

For over a decade, Bill Hellmann has dedicated his skills to provide our clients with an easy and effective way to attain their permits. Bill’s organization and persistence —two cornerstone traits for customer-centric Permit.com– make him one of our team’s greatest assets. Fast-paced environments? He thrives in them. Professional, talented, and an all-around nice guy, Bill is passionate about Permit.com’s future as he looks forward to growing and expanding his own knowledge and skills alongside the rest of our company.

Erika Aultman

Erika Aultman arrived at Permit.com three years ago, equipped with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from UW-Platteville and a decade of management experience. With a love for solving problems, an aptitude for flexibility, and a strong sense of business ambition, Erika is right at home with our team. She is dependable and truly enjoys connecting with her customer base while helping her assistants grow to fulfill their goals within the company. She values talent and reliability, and as Permit.com continues to innovate its customer-centered processes, she looks forward to being a part of those solutions. When she’s not in the office, you can find Erika spending time with her friends and family at pretty much any sporting event, and encouraging her children to flourish and succeed.

Amy Hodgson

Amy Hodgson is a longtime member of our Permit.com team and our blue ribbon example of reliability. For over a decade she has built a reputation for providing clients with a stress-free, quick permit expediting process. Outside the office, Amy strengthens her thoughtfulness and dedication through focused hobbies such as working in her garden, fishing, or perusing calm waters in her kayak. She brings this focus into her steady and considerate service for our clients, making sure the permit process is not only streamlined but cost-effective.